Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Under invasion

Well, today again the day started with a BBC rant on the terminal danger immigration presents to British society. Again, immigrants are not only a burden on the National Health Service (where more then 2/3 of nurses are foreigners, but this statistic is always left out) and transport system, but also schools.

To make it even more of a balanced and open debate (yes, this is sarcasm), Oxford University is planning to have a debate session with such illustrious personalities as the leader of the British National Party, a debate on freedom of speech.

Considering the BNP's track record, we could also have the freedom of speech to state what they really are as a party and what would be the most favourite book their members could read - ah, but it would be by a German, hence foreign author, so...
Enough people have suffered and died for freedom of speech, so to have a debate with those public figures on that particular topic is an absolute disgrace.

But after all, have heard it all - any speech from those political celebrities can be read exactly as something encountered in 70s/80s/90s and even present Romania, just replace some keywords with any text editor and you got yourself a very up-to-date speech from people who share the BNP's vision on exactly what should immigrants to (or more importantly, what should be done to them).

When Gordon Brown says, British jobs for British people, then what does expect from media hype or someone from BNP? But at least they can now talk about their freedom of speech (and their wonderful interpretation of it) at Oxford University. Let's give them a reputable and respectable forum...

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