Sunday, 2 December 2007

Saving the planet

While sympathetic to the core ideas, the following simply can not be avoid bringing an odd grin to one's face if the person has been through some interesting past experiences in a very different part of the world...

So just a few parallels infused with that strong deja-vu feeling...

Ceausescu used to claim that cutting electricity for several hours a day was saving the country's economy. The truth was that the population's electricity consumption was infinitesimal compared to what his industrial monsters consumed. But now, we hear all the preaching about household waste, with the possibility of even being fined in future for 'too much' of it. Please compare the percentage of household waste and what industry, in particular construction industry dumps on landfill sites - the statistics are educational and show a nice resonance with the tactics of that Genius of the Carpathian Mountains.

While we had heating and electricity cut, we were helping with the glory of communism that never really arrived, thank God. Again, any energy saving that the entire population did (well, was forced to) was infinitesimal compared to everything else. Now, I hear that in order to save the planet, it would be good if I set the central heating a few degrees lower and put on a jumper. Literally quoting from TV advert. Have I seen this warped 'individuals helping the great cause' thinking befor, where actual figures demolish any such overblown over-zealous propaganda?...

It is somehow ironic to travel 1500 miles and 17 years in space & time, respectively, then find the same propaganda but with different keywords, the only common thing being the contrast between the apparent message and the unforgiving hard figures that demolish the propaganda arguments.

The company I work for now also introduced surcharges for travel, in order to offset the CO2 footprint of air travel. The company will invest in green schemes with the extra money that for now, goes on the cost centre one claims the expenses from, but has to go on my personal credit card rather than the corporate one. OK, but... please somebody compare the 2% CO2 emissions with what cows (oh dear let's not count humans) emit per year. Interesting figures again.

I am all for the great and good cause, but would be stunning not to operate with false and manipulative propaganda targeted at the 'little people' while the true problems lie elsewhere.

Oh did I say, over the Summer water crisis (when millions of cubic meters of water leaked into the ground continuously anyway due to the terrible state of the water companies' infrastructure), not only I could not water my garden with a garden hose but... was also told by same overzealous TV propaganda to only flush toilet if absolutely necessary.

No comment. But again, a deja-vu from another world I thought I left behind in time & space.

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Anonymous said...

Abszolút mértékben így látom és érzem ezeket a dolgokat. Már egy ideje beletörődtem, hogy az ismerőseim között ezzel senki sem foglalkozik.