Monday, 3 December 2007

Teddy bears and humans

The teacher who named a teddy bear after Mohammed (innocently following the suggestions of the kids) and was imprisoned has now been pardoned after considerable international outrage.

While wondering about the entire affair and its many serious and downright tragicomic aspects (and takes in the media, which are also serious or just tragicomic...), was musing about just what brings an insult.

That teddy bear was one representative of a very docile, serene, meditative species, the species of all teddy bears populating nurseries and rooms everywhere. Very reliable, very stable, with a firm and honest approach to the world around him. Why is therefore giving that name to a teddy bear an outrageous insult?

In comparison, giving that sacred name to a person, well... if a teddy bear's moral conduct is questionable and its ability to live up to that name also very questionable, then surely, humans are not exactly better?

Teddy bears do no fall into sin all the time, might fall off a sofa sometimes. They do not say heretic things and do not act them out. They certainly don't murder, torture and just generally torment others (teddy bears or humans or pets)... They don't destroy the planet either, their carbon footprint throughout their life is zero.

So many things can't be said about humans and can be said in praise and reverence of teddy bears. So... who are less suited to bear (pun intended) that sacred name?

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