Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The greed for information

While several times Britain has been singled out when it came to surveillance tactics, so-called anti-terror 'strategy' that is taking pages out of the totalitarian states' secret police cookbooks, its databases called illegal... nothing ever happened internally or externally to actually DO something about these issues.

Not sure the new scandal will do much, but finally, Britain is actually targeted by the EC and latter started legal action.

A new advertising technology called Phorm was a while ago tested on BT internet users - it is a behavioural advertising service. The trick is, it gathered information about the users without their consent. Furthermore, Britain has actually said that it is perfectly fine under European data laws... well, it wasn't.

Last year, Phorm received clearance from the Home Office and police closed a file on BT trials of the technology which looked into their legality. The UK government said last year the technology could only be rolled out if users had given their consent and it was easy for people to opt out.

It is the same government that ignored international laws and its databases with personal data have been labelled illegal by international judicial committee...

Also, the EC remarked quite nicely, that it is very "concerned that the UK does not have an independent national supervisory authority to deal with the intentional interceptions of user data.". Well, surprise, surprise...

Anything and everything was, is and will be committed under the so-called terror strategy (which, by now, has really become a terrorising strategy, if we just count the fundamental human rights violations it brought)... It is a strange coincidence, that exactly the country which (apart from US and China) has beaten all records on (il)legal surveillance, allows an 'advertising technology' to spiral out of control.

Surely, they can read and could have checked (if they wanted to) whether it satisfies fundamental legislation - but, greed for information is blinding them by now.

What fascinates the more lucid ones amongst us, is that the acts of this Government by now resonate letter by letter with what a paranoid delusional mind obsessed with conspiracy theories would think up.

Just shows that under this Government, in this former citadel of democracy, reality beats any paranoid delusion.

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