Saturday, 15 August 2009


Sometimes one wonders whether the mini- and mega-oligarchs in current Romanian political and administrative elite could be any more consistent in their ludicrous patterns of spending public money.

It is well known that my favourite mayor, obviously the mayor of my town of birth, Dorin Florea has scattered countless millions of euros of public money in the wind, a wind that always blows favourably around his entire entourage (which many just refer to simply as the local Mafia).

Apart from the many scandals, some lawsuits and the like, he reputedly said no to a plan of updating the town's absolutely diabolical water purification plant. After all, elections were coming and such an upgrade would not have been very visible. It was much more visible completely re-doing the pedestrian walkways of the town, replacing them with stonework which was contracted to one of his friend's company.

But now we have the considerably larger mini-dictator of a considerably larger city, the capital city of Bucharest, who has exhibited symptoms of the very same affliction, namely the obsessive-compulsive scattering of public money down a golden toilet, while high-priority and very vital projects are on hold.

This other megalomaniac (the ghost of Ceausescu must have popped in for a few brainstorm sessions there, too) has just spent close to 1 million euros of public money (also directly giving the money to one of his fellow Mafioso's company) on covering the many clocks of the city's parks in gold.

Yes, this is a high-priority project to be funded by the public. The same public of course in his mind doesn't really care about crime rates, public safety, heck, the clean-up of the mountains of garbage from every street of Bucharest.

When I last visited, in very central areas of the capital city, incredibly primitive people were throwing the garbage out on the window, from various floors of 10-storey block flats, the result being incredible and the result included also rats swarming between these buildings...

This medieval animalic misery right in the middle of the capital is of no concern... but the gold plating of clocks in the parks (which are also falling into tragic disrepair) is of key importance.

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