Wednesday, 12 August 2009


It's been commented to death that UK has turned into a perfect Orwellian surveillance society. OK, the former Home Secretary, if she hadn't left due to scandals, would have tried to perfect it further... there is no such thing in the current British Government's viewpoint as a 'perfect enough' anti-terrorism legislation leading to a perfect enough police state...

Still, the statistics published recently confirm what any sane (or insanely conspiracy theorist) mind predicted...

Councils, police and the intelligence services asked more than 500,000 times to approve access to private email and phone data. This amounted to about 1500 requests per day to spy on people...

The figures were published in the annual report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner, Sir Paul Kennedy.

All these requests were made possible by a wonderful legislation which was meant to serve the anti-terror strategy of the Home Office... turning it into an instrument of terror, ironically.

Another aspect, also commented to death, was the abuse on amateur and, well, any photographer, all done by police and self-appointed vigilant citizens in the name of a similarly crazy anti-terror law.

Now there is a new website set up to gather information about such incidents, provide a map of these and well, also offers of course a photo gallery.

One recent development is that the Metropolitan Police has issued updated guidelines which have been communicated to its officers (and community support officers) in which it states the Force "Encourage officers to be vigilant against terrorism but recognise the balance between effective policing and protecting Londoners and respecting the rights of the media and general public to take photographs".

Well, let's see. So far there are no measurable effects of the new guidelines, but time will tell.

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