Monday, 14 September 2009


I remember looking at the policemen (well, they were 'Militia' men) in the Romanian 1970s and '80s with fear.

The overall rule was that you were guilty until proven innocent - and I happened to be one of the kids that got once stopped at random, for no reason whatsoever in the little street called 'Peace Street' (ironically).

I was asked can I prove that I didn't steel the bike... which was of course mine. They were just bored out of their skull (not mind...) and had to pick on somebody. But they had absolute power... so conversation quickly degenerated into mumbling and hoping they get bored again... and they did so I was on my way without having to prove the impossible (no mobile phones in those days so I doubt they would have escorted me home to ask my Dad...).

But then who would have thought, that after all the totalitarian (sorry, anti-terrorist) legislation they introduced in the UK, including the ban on taking pictures of any policeman in any situation (maybe they are afraid to be seen again shooting to death innocent people on the Tube or making them have a heart attack, even if they are genuine bystanders at a demonstration), there would be even more Stalinism coming to the UK.

Thankfully I am exempt at the moment, but anybody being in repeated contact with kids and/or driving them to/from school will have to undergo a Criminal Records Bureau vetting.

So basically everybody in that category of (currently about) 11 million people in the UK are guilty until proven innocent, or at least deemed to stay innocent.

There is a lot of innocence lost here.

Simply because this country's Government and local officials, city councils etc. miserably failed in certain categories of public safety, and as per recent 'Baby P' scandal, toddlers died while all the child protection agencies and social services failed to recognise clear signs of abuse over long period, now we have a solution.

The solution that only a totalitarian state and/or its feeble minded impotent bureaucrats can invent.

We mark everybody a potential deadly risk to kids. Or worse.

We test and vet everybody.

This will then solve all the systemic and systematic failures this country should be thoroughly embarrassed of.

Where does this end? It is not enough that the systematically induced paranoia culture got to a point where more than 80% of parents don't let their kids out of the house any more, not in any radius greater than 100 yards... better to play on the computer and lead to situations where new psychiatric conditions are invented for what results out of game station and computer addictions.

This, somehow, is deemed to be a better society.

The real side-effect will not be suffered by the parents and people who have to go through the CRB vetting under the new rules... the future utterly paranoid generations growing up in a culture where any adult is officially considered a risk until labelled 'OK' by some bureaucrats will pick up the pieces...

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