Monday, 21 September 2009

Round figures

It is remarkable how nice and round the figures in Euros get when it comes to how even local administration spends funds, including EU funds.

I had a little mention earlier of a children's playground in my home town, it has the surface of about an Olympic size swimming pool - I ran a little experiment and asked people their estimates, even guesstimates, and everybody came up with sums in Euros with at most four zeroes.

In all actuality, it apparently cost one million Euros... nobody dares to ask the Mayor of Tirgu Mures where are the receipts, but it is a fact that it was made without any competition between companies, the contract simply ended up handed to one of his Mafioso buddies. Ironically, he is suing a senator who dared to point this fact out on a local TV channel... after all, these crooks have standards...

Interesting enough, another little but round sum hit the light of day - there were plans for an underpass in my home town, and I remember going to my entrance exams at the University I planned to attend - at that point in time I was watching the huge craters they dug for that underpass. It was in 1990...

Since then, the project was on halt, every local election a few bulldozers moved some grains of sand from here to there, then everything stopped again.

But now, to show the change in wind direction and the might of the clan that rules the town, it finally got finished. It is in deplorable state, but there is a tunnel under the main road and you can, if your life insurance covers it, go from one side to the other... even maybe emerge alive at the other end.

It cost... you guessed it... one million Euros.

Dorin Florea and his Mafia seems incapable of counting in anything other than multiples of one million Euros...

The results are remarkable, as usual - I, for one, am glad that after 19 years, 'officially' the underpass exists and it is 'finished'.

If they had not finished it now, who knows how many more millions of EU and public money would be spent on that tragicomedy.

I am lookin forward to their next project...

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