Monday, 28 February 2011


Watching Gaddafi, one wonders whether all dictators are originating from some same obscure factory, programmed with same delusions and even physical gestures.

His speeches that were recently shown in the international media trigger a truly strong deja-vu feeling in those who have seen previous dictators on their last legs. Ceausescu's 'emotional' content, rallying the masses, his gestures, his desperate statements meant to show power and, above all, willpower to survive anything and anybody, were carbon copies of Gaddafi's recent speeches.

Gaddafi declared today to the BBC that people of Lybia love him. So there you have it, the terminal delusions so often seen, and a very familiar element of victim complex, one should somehow feel truly sorry for this poor, poor harmless old man, loved by everybody, but victim to some obscure plot of a tiny minority...

He also said that the protesters are drugged people, drugs coming from al-Qaida. So there you have it, the usual projection onto some external forces and factors that are solely responsible for what is happening... completely disassociating himself from what triggered the demonstrations.

A further superb element of role reversal is in his sentence, which states that his loyal people have been given clear orders not to respond to violence. So here we go, who is the violent element and who is the saint-like creature, who tries to passively endure all that malevolence that the protesters brought...

I wonder whether there is a clinical diagnosis for the dictator syndrome.

Whether there are classic terms and precise scientific descriptions, labels, tags for what these creatures think, say, feel.

There must be - such similarities between so many such creatures, especially in just the last twenty-odd years, are bound to lead to a definition of consecrated terms.

One can only hope, that Gaddafi's position of (diminishing) power and maybe even life will exhibit similarly strong analogies with that of other recent, former, well and truly gone, demented dictators...

One can only hope.

Friday, 4 February 2011


Today David Cameron almost echoed exactly Peter Gabriel's lyrics in Biko, which ran 'The eyes of the world are watching now...'

The yet another day of unrest in Egypt was hoped by the protesters to be the day of departure for Mubarak. One can only hope, however whilst the almost proverbial eyes are watching, some loose parallels with an uprising still vivid in my memory are hard not to make...

Here, too, the army's position is unclear... and maybe shifting hour by hour, but at least they have not taken catastrophically drastic action against the protesters (yet).

Here, too, the army has a lot to lose... They enjoyed a superb status, we are talking about a country where they even have their own lanes at tool boots on highways. They have their own transport companies, they really are a parallel universe in Egypt.

Here, too, corruption within the army is happening at vast scale, you can pay off anything and anybody, to get out of tasks or picking where you wish to be posted... or not posted.

They have a lot to lose and it is certain that they will ensure their transference into the next regime, whatever it may be, will be a painless one.

Another loose parallel is that Mubarak is truly deluded into thinking: promising various concessions, reforms, replacing minister X and Y in the government will make the protesters go home. Not sure about them, but when Ceausescu tried similar promises of reform, we decided to continue until the regime falls. Egyptian protesters also marked Mubarak's attempts as 'irrelevant'.

And here, too, the US is watching. They wonder this time what the heck happens if the radical islamists take over... what if they renounce the treaty with Israel... what if... it is again a game of dominos...

I can only watch with hope and share, from admittedly a very, very comfortable distance, the protesters' hopes.

They called themselves today on that main square the 'referendum'... Let's hope that extremists don't manage to hijack what was ignited so successfully.