Friday, 24 June 2016

House divided...

Naturally, the results of the EU referendum in the UK have shown the predicted effects already in the first hours of the results having been announced.

Not just the fact that the currency plummeted, together with the various stock market indexes around the world (when some say, this doesn't affect them, always one would like to ask for a reality check, ranging from insurance premiums to pensions - just how do such people think these things work?...).

The predicted effects were also in the rhetoric of e.g. Nigel Farage. He already disowned his pledge on NHS funding.

It is not astounding that he made those pledges. Nor that he disowns them. Well, reason is that he had zero say in any of those promised measures - he is not in Government, he has one MP, and he barely turns up in the European Parliament.

The fact that such people can make such empty nonsensical pledges to the voters is not amazing. The fact that so many fell for it, is a bit shocking, when an infant can understand that pledges in which one has no influence whatsoever are meaningless.

Looking at the demographics... it is clear we had a house divided... young vs. older voters, leave vs. remain. 1950s nostalga had shown its effects, the pipedream of "getting back our democracy" (in which 800-odd unelected Lords can veto a Government instated by 24% of eligible voters...), the nostalga of "Great Britan before EU" (look at GDP and being 2nd poorest European economy before joining something so reviled now).

Cornwall is already asking whether the EU funding (by the way, vast sums in the range of billions) will continue. The answer is obvious, but they did ask Brussels and the Government. It is another breathtakingly nonsensical episode:  they received vast EU funds for farm subsidies, infrastructure, even the resurrection of Cornish language... but they cut the umbilical chord and now ask whether it can magically continue...

Universities, who warned about the effect on funding, are now in shock and looking at balance sheets that were said by the utterly nonsensical Brexit campaign leaders that will feel no effect if UK leaves. Again schoolboy economics could not be explained to many: if they think that money will come from within UK, ask themselves where that money comes from with no trade deals in place, and much less taxes coming into Treasury... It is truly elementary.

Such level of short-term loss of vision is truly breathtaking from even an otherwise usually gullible mass of voters.

Yes, the EU may well collapse anyway, and yes, it's machinery is nauseating...

However, what many voted on and hoped for (which often, as too many rational people tried to explain to them, were fundamental nonsense even at the level of schoolboy economics and finances, often even basic logic...) is already disintegrating hours after the results have been announced.

The real games begin now, and as usual, the gullible and fundamental logic-violating voters will have to look for culprits.

One wonders, after immigrant have been the culprits for everything that was wrong with UK (from health service to infrastructure to jobs), what new targets will be found when most of the incredibly devoid of any sense promises and pledges don't materialise?

2008 recession was caused by a circle that one had no control over and acted independent of public will.

This chaos, now, which is already unfolding, was caused by people with their own hands.

If only, in coming months and years, when truly basic and fundamental economics unfold and they, as already today, panic about the effects of it, if only they could have the honesty to admit the root causes of those effects.

Somehow, after this historic example of nonsensical belief in nonsensical pledges disowned hours after the results, one has to doubt that honesty and self-awareness...

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