Monday, 27 June 2016

Killing democracy... or reason?

The petition for 2nd EU membership Referendum in the UK has gathered millions of online signatures, however some portion of them is under investigation as only British citizens could sign it  - and this is not what happened...

It may well be rejected by the Parliament as it is hard to justify having it after a proper campaign, with tiny amount of invalid ballots, and after a properly run vote on the day.

However, what is remarkable is the set of mess-media entities, both printed and electronic, which state this is "killing democracy". In online comments, vitriol is poured over the (small) proportion of Remain voters who signed the petition and demonstrated for it.

It is the pinnacle of irony, but also a superb illustration of how British public has been driven to utterly self-contradicting irrationality. Not to mention the fact that on 16 May, in printed media (in The Mirror) Nigel Farage was the one asking for 2nd Refetendum if the Remain camp registers a minor advantage in the results... Ah the irony.

Saying that a fundamentally democratic petition and demonstration, which is to be answered by the democratically elected Parliament is "killing democracy" is, well, killing reason. Also, seemingly, the ability of many to reason... Never mind the minor irony, that then this media is actually trying to kill a democratic exercise.

The parrot-like repetition of factual nonsense has been a trait of the campaign, and it continues now.

Exponents of the Leave campaign deny ever making pledges that were even on their campaign bus. They have made the pledges in countless written and electronic forums, they are photographed with e.g. the NHS funding pledge on the bus being in their background.

What bothers a rational person is that those were not pledges. A pledge, unless English dictionary was re-written, does not mean promising something in which one has no influence and no say whatsoever.

Similarly, now they say nobody said that EU immigration would be changed by Brexit. Well, for months during the campaign, it was impossible to explain to some Leave campaigners that EU exit means nothing in this sense: see Swiss EU immigration statistics, because they had to agree on free movement in their trade deals...

Thus, not only the voters are waking up with some delay to the common sense (does not need any political, economic or other qualification) facts, but some of this awakening is marked by the same nonsensical irrationality as the entire campaign was.

It is good to see the EU shaken up and Brussels in a tailspin, finally some reform might happen.

However, while fascist posters appeared overnight, including in schools (!), telling foreigners to go home (one stated that it is "enough of Polish vermin"), one has to state another historically and many times proven fact.

While a society can project its eminently internal problems onto some external factor or group of people, all is fine... As soon as it cannot, it will start projecting them onto internal groups.

What happens then has been seen countless times in our history.

British society has started to do exactly that, with very loud and numerous voices already shouting "killing of democracy" when they are exactly in the process of trying to stop eminently democratic exercises of people they disagree with.

Soft fascism is already in the headlines of many major papers... Let's see if UK can avoid what so far not many societies managed to avoid in such times of irrationality.

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