Monday, 20 June 2016

Shifting realities

In the Referendum deciding whether UK stays or leaves the EU, it is hardly surprising that some are thoroughly reaching saturation point with the "facts" vehiculated by some...

The same camp in its official leaflet and in one sent by my local MP quote two headline figures that were at the heart of the debate before immigration took centre stage. While the same camp "dismissed", labelled "utter tosh" etc. any quantitative analysis on any economic and financial aspect of exiting vs. staying in the UK, and rhetoric constantly labelled any numerical data as "Tory cover-up", "conspiracy"... it would be stupendous if they could at least agree on their own headline campaign data...

However, we moved on to mainly immigration-fueled debate (where Nigel Farage stated again that his poster, trying to depict actually Middle-Eastern refugees queuing in Slovenia as migrants trying to enter the UK, is "fact").

As some in the media and elsewhere suggested after the brutal murder of Jo Cox, a young pro-Remain camp MP, the emotions whipped up around immigration and "taking back control" of borders (and everything else) are becoming toxic.

Reason does not stand a chance, though if the same articles were immediately misquoted by the Leave camp supporters on social media as "anyone" who votes Leave is depicted as a xenophobe. Nor does it stand a chance, if voices immediately broadcasted that the mentally ill murderer had nothing whatsoever to do with the increasingly vile and irrational xenophobic rhetoric.

Of course, even if one takes the apparently mentally ill man's act in isolation, one has to ask the fundamental question: of all the causes, of all the means, of all the targets and places, he picked a pro-EU MP - clearly, his deranged mind existed in a vacuum, not connected in any way to the hate rhetoric flooding the pre-Referendum discourse on the street and in electronic and written media...

Occam's razor is by now blunt. It has been tried to be applied so many times in this campaign by a minority of people, that it lost its proverbial edge by now...


It perfectly separates facts from the Farage-like nonsense (e.g. "we don't have a say in EU" says he, who attended one out of 42 European Parliament debates about fishing laws... and he goes campaigning on the Thames for British fishing laws...).

It perfectly separates emotional and increasingly fake rhetoric (e.g. by exiting EU, we would take back control of EU immigration - again, if anyone could check what Swiss EU immigration figures are, despite them not being in EU... but they had to sign all the possible free movement agreements for their trade agreements...).

Alas, as someone said, one cannot be rationalised out of something one was not rationalised into.

The irrational demagogues are asking for "proof", they dismiss all the experts' figures, but then they can campaign on the same side with wildly conflicting headline figures even.

As ancient Romans said, yes, them, back in the day, stepping also on our "pure British soil"...: Q.E.D.

If only Philip K. Dick were alive, to see how the shifting multitudes of realities he depicted in his The Mold of Yancy and in his Faith of Our Fathers are becoming reality in this so-called campaign.

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