Thursday, 25 August 2016

Anti-terrorist terror

Since neither politicians nor the media (with very few exceptions) cannot admit and state the core, fundamental, problems in the European landscape, they focus on the infinitesimal.

French police recently forcing a woman on a beach to remove her burkini is, on the surface, infinitesimal - and deplorable.

However, the real significance of the tiny moment on a tiny confined location is horrifying.

Since the so-called anti-terrorism legislation introduced under Tony Blair in the UK, which has been amply discussed here, too, increasing number of Governments got lost in the detail.

Whilst in the UK teachers must report "signs of radicalisation" to authorities (and 11 year old children were referred in this way...), the truly Orwellian aspect comes into effect when legislation, police and other authorities are using eminently extreme totalitarian means to protect society from extremism.

Let us take away all the context and all the circumstances.

A person is approached by armed police  and forced to take off a part of his/her outfit due to anti-terrorist legislation.

Read the above sentence again.

If this is not a perfect example of any self-respecting totalitarian regime acting on the everyday minute details of its existence then what is.

It is just ironic, that we, yes, "we" have become identical in our approach to a problem to the regimes we despise.

The media then picks up on this, but does not dare to point out the bitter irony. Nor the terrifying depths of the mechanic and utilitarian thinking at work.

The usual excuse and the apologetics of some media usually states that oh no, we are eminently different and we still live in a free society.

However, the small-scale acts are the most telling... throughout history, the distortions of collective perception and collective psyche always started with minute adjustments in attitude, in minute acts of propaganda.

This is no different.

With all the rhetoric, and all the "upholding our values", we end up resorting to the means we are protecting ourselves against.