Saturday, 5 November 2016

"Enemies of the people"

Throughout the Brexit campaign, a central slogan was that UK should get power back to its institutions: our Courts and our Parliament to decide on our matters, independently of Brussels influence(s).

Recently, a High Court judgement purely re-iterated a fundamental tenet of British Constitution. Namely, the sovereignty of the Parliament - thus rendering the Government unable to do whatever it wants based on a Referendum result and having to go through Parliament. Naturally, the Government will appeal.

However, those most vocal about our Courts and our Parliament deciding about our matters were screaming in vocal, printed and electronic form within minutes of the judgement.

The judges were the "enemies of the people", it was the "day democracy died", in the hands of an "elite out of touch with the people". The Court was trying to "block Brexit", and, as per previous days and weeks of headlines referring in same terms to all "Remoaners", the judges, too, "must be silenced".

The last time someone in Europe could witness such headlines and rhetoric was mostly during the fascist 1930s.

It is the very definition of fascism, when opposition voices are to be "silenced".  It is just added irony that these per definitionem fascists are using the word "democracy" so often in their rhetoric. The self-contradiction could not be better and more eloquent.

What is more serious is the blatant misrepresentation of facts coupled with incitement to hatred and a veiled 'call to arms'.

Court did not block Brexit, it is a simple fact and if anyone is able to read, can verify what the judgment actually stated.

Naturally, the Parliament will find it very hard to vote against the Referendum result. However, the point was not what the Parliament may or may not vote for or against. The point was enforcing a long-standing democratic process and principle that stems it.

Judges were not going against the Referendum result - they merely reminded some rather irrational people and forums of a fundamental Constitutional principle.

But reason has left the Court and many other buildings in the UK in the past few months. Major tabloids can not only whip people into a frenzy with untrue, unfounded and intentionally misinforming headlines, but they also get away with blatant incitement to "silencing" a, by the way, democratic opposition.

It is only a sublime irony that some of the same tabloids were welcoming the British black shirts in the last century... There is no direct connection between their open fascism of yesteryear and the current one, with some of them being owned by that great patron of British democracy, Rupert Murdoch... but the parallels are superb.

Murdoch, asked why he hates the EU, said that when he walks into Downing Street, "they do what I say"... but when he walks into Brussels, "nobody listens". Makes one wonder then, who is more corrupt and whom one has to protect British democracy from...

It is only another irony, that the person initiating the Court proceedings was subjected to absolutely infantile, but all the more violent, verbal abuse on Twitter... To top it off, a similarly named person, who is a sports news anchor in the USA, was abused in the same way - as the multitudes of "democratic forces" at work could not even distinguish between the two different Twitter accounts.

The "Great" Britain that the Brexit campaign wanted to "bring back" is one that has become deeply divisive, with all the far-right forces coming to surface thinking that they have now a mandate. It is riddled with exponentially increasing hate crime (can check police statistics easily, from the first days of the post-Referendum period), seeing almost on a daily basis quite openly fascist headlines in the major tabloids, verbal and physical violence committed against ordinary people based on their accent, looks, or Heaven forbid, contrary opinions.

The "democracy", so often quoted by the mob and these tabloids whipping them into a frenzy, is one that rewrites its definition in the English dictionary. It is a "democracy" in which our own Courts, our own Parliament, and any contrary voice must be "silenced" and labelled as "enemies of the people" and/or "unpatriotic" (again quoting from headlines).

These are the institutions the Brexit camp was campaigning for, but as soon as they bring a simple Constitution-based judgment about a vastly important matter to the country, the Brexit camp is upset at best, fascist at worst.

One has to ask the rhetoric question: who are, therefore, the real enemies of the people?